3D Artwork

I've engaged in 3D modeling as a hobby since I started high school. In my final two years there I studied 3D modeling with 3D Studio MAX as independent study for my school's drafting course, and was subsequently asked to help other interested students learn the program as well. All of the models on this page were built and rendered in various versions of 3D Studio MAX.

This is the model of the head of the space marine sketches on the 2D art page.
This head was designed with a 8000 poly model in mind. It has a normal map built from a smoother, higher detail version.

This is an unused model done for Intelligent Design Half-Life 2 mod. It is based off of these sketches.
This model is about 3000 faces and has a normal map built from a high detail version. The texture was started by another team member and worked on by me as well.

This is a rendering of the Earth using several sets of satellite images (day color, clouds, height, and night color) from NASA, including the Blue Marble images. Complex materials were assembled to simulate atmospheric scattering to make the rendering more closely resemble pictures taken from orbit

This is the model of the spaceship on the 2D work page.
This model is rendered with no lighting, all of the shading is on the texture itself. This rendering does not have any textures on the wings or tail.

The logo is an intentional parody of the StarFox logo. I was asked to put it on by my class as an inside joke.
This ship has modular equipment. This rendering has the wings and tail section removed.


I must admit I have something of a fascination with giant robots, and have made multiple 3D models of various ideas I have had over the past few years. These models are older, but they are good representations of my skill and imagination and show my development well.


This robot was an experiment in toon rendering. Many of its design elements were recycled in the space marine concept.


My own take on the fairly common angel-styled robot.

A departure from my usual humanoid styling.


This design was intentionally smooth and simple as a contrast to the design below it.