Awakening is the result of a month's work as an assignment from my Computer Game Technolgies class. In its current state Awakening is a proof of concept for a psudeo-skeletal 2D animation system. Eventually this system will be used to add an exceptional amount of motion for a 2D game to Awakening's game world. The goal of this project is to use this system to support a 2 platformer that is a blend a typical side scroling action game with elements of a point-and-click adventure game.

Awakening is controlled using the keyboard to move and the mouse to aim. As seen the screenshots below, the player character is usually aiming at the mouse cursor which allows one to aim and move in different directions. For investegating the environment and talking with NPCs one can switch to investigation mode, which causes the player character to lower its weapon and makes the camera follow the mouse cursor to some extent. Note that in the current build there is nothing that can actually be investigated, but the mode has been implemented.

Awakening was developed in Java using the Slick library, an extension of LWJGL.


Both robot characters here are collections of static sprites that are being animated by code. The lighter robot is the player character and the butler robot is an npc that is programmed to follow the player around.

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

Download Awakening

The most recent Awakening test build is Awakening_r70

Awakening's source code can be downloaded from its subversion repository at

Running Awakening

Awakening can be run with the command
java -jar "Awakening.jar"
Or opened from the shell with most operating systems by double-clicking on Awakening.jar

Building Awakening

Awakening was programmed using the NetBeans IDE. It can be built by opening its directory as a project directory from within NetBeans. You may need to add Slick as a library within the IDE. The version of Slick I build Awakening against is included in the repository.


Aim: Mouse
Move Left: A
Move Right: D
Jump: Space
Fire: Mouse Button 1
Investigation Mode: E